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Deity America Tibet Temple & Nape Penetrating Oil 6oz

Deity America Tibet Temple & Nape Penetrating Oil 6oz


These natural plant extracts have been researched and developed with the direct participation of doctors who practice the art of traditional Chinese herbal therapies. This product has been created under their guidance and supervision. It has natural plant extracts, designed to help prevent itchy scalp and dandruff naturally. It gives the scalp a natural, healthy look and allows you to experience healthy, natural, hair growth. With regular use of all Deity of Hair and Deity America Shampoos, Conditioners, Scalp Treatments, and Hair Tonics, you will experience the joy of beautiful, healthy hair that grows naturally and feels great.,Tibetan Herbal Chinese Secret Formula: This 100% natural plant product has been formulated to help prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth naturally. It contains effective herbal essence and rare Tibetan formulas, secret plant extracts, balancing botanicals, and dynamic growth elements. 

Directions: Wash and condition hair with Deity of Hair Shampoo and Conditioner when desired. Apply Tibet Temple's & Nape Penetrating Oil on the scalp. Massage thoroughly. Excellent for all types of hair, including braided, relaxed, and color-treated.

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