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Deity America Color Change Shampoo 5.28oz

Deity America Color Change Shampoo 5.28oz


The herbal plant extract color shampoo hair color is a hi-tech advanced product to repair the damage caused by chemical hair coloring. This great new product Formulated with the effective contents distillated from precious Chinese herbal contents, it is able to recover the hair's natural color that you are looking for also brightening the hair with not side effects. When washing your hair it can moisturize & repair hair that has been damaged with all types of chemicals. Color Change Shampoo will change your hair color with natural ingredients. Its easy to use with a one step time saving formula. If using this product continually its active ingredients can work into hair follicles covering your gray hair naturally and making your new color healthy looking and vibrant. Do not need to dye, just wash the hair with Color Change Shampoo, and see the great results. It can also use after relaters.


1) Wet the hair, then put on gloves. Apply the product evenly to the hair, gently massage for 7-10 minutes from the roots out. Wash with fresh water. 

2) In order to keep the color, must use continuously when needed. Its because Color Change Shampoo is a supplemental shampoo. Use it every time you wash your hair. People with white/gray hair use Color Change Shampoo continuously. The ingredients can be massaged into the hair follicle. You will have the natural color on your hair.

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